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They are but only for some ppl that get the gift to have a custom avatar. Normally is when winning tours (important ones) or with 4 badges (no TC generally)


You didn't get this far by giving up, did you?
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Hi hi, Irpa here. I decided to open up a bit more on requests, feel free to contact me at Irpachuza#0932 on Discord or on smogon DMs or well... here?

While on loa, I still got time to make some custom avis for some great users!

My personal custom avi, thanks Clementine for the Mime Jr. and digging me out of an absolute artistic block with the body. Check his gallery, he's one of the top spriters on the site!
My Christmas avi, ye, I know, it's amazing.
This one was commissioned by freezai, thanks for the patience with it!
This one was for my great friend Instruct, thanks for everything you do for PS!
This one was commissioned by Tea Guzzler, I hope you liked it!
The amazing not a racist put my Red/Green Hoopa on these team avatars for our RBTT team!

Also thanks to Clem and sharpclaw (Gallery) for their support and help during the process of all of these!

Expect another post soon, you know how much I like when April starts...
Also,there is a problem with it.

Why is this creation darkened down to the point it looks brown? He only has oranges patches on his body and only his head is fully orange?
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These are on PS!
The first one was made for the team winners of RBTT2, and the great Mia checked and twitched it before approval
The Kirby one was for TheCoastsOfToast and won Best Custom Avi of 2020 and 2021!
Umbreon/Pidove was for Lets In The Sun, Diabolos was for Instruct and Toru frostyicelad
The Mimes one is my personal avi made with Clementine, Weavonsly is my Christmas avi.
The cricket player was for freezai, Vivian is for Instruct
holy shit I love seeing Vivian here the trans rights skrunkly

thank you so much for putting this into the world

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